Song of Praise: Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul

Written at midnight at the Kotel for Bakol and the Women at the Wall – my answer to Adon Olam/Harmonies: Rabbi Yaffa-Shira Sultan and Frank Kohn

Holy Mother, Scechinah Soul

Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul,
Compassion fills Your womb of love

Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul,
Mikor Hayim
Fountain of Life flows from You
Uv’shavtem mayim.

Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul,
On wings of light we soar to You
Natchil l’hitpalel.

Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul,
Eheyeh Asher eheyeh
You were, You are, You’ll always be,
Gam anachnu nihiyeh.

Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul,
Melechet Shamayim
You rule skies and earth with a gentle hand,
Borchi et Yerushalayim.

Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul,
Rachmana Ya
You heal the wounds of a heavy heart,
Ayl na r’phana la.

Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul,
Be’er l’chai ro’i
I drink deep of Your love 
Ki At emadi.

From Reb Rayzel’s 2005 CD, “Friday Night Revived.” To hear the recording, click here.

Copyright 1988-89 Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael,

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