Seven Circles

Seven times encircling my beloved
Beneath this fragrant canopy, our home
The seven circles of my love for you
The seven blessings of our wedding day.

Seven are our vows today, my love
Seven the days of the week
And the Sabbath is the seventh day
The Holy Bride, the Sabbath Queen.

The first circle is chesed
I circle you with lovingkindness

The second circle is gevurah
I bless you with strength

The third circle is tiferet
May harmony rule in our home

The fourth circle is netzach
The circle of victory
May goodness triumph always

The fifth circle is hod
The shining radiance of God’s glory
Reflected on our faces today
On our wedding day

The sixth circle is yesod
The firm foundation
May the bedrock of our love and faith
Sustain us come what may

The seventh circle is malchut
The sphere of Kingship
Today I am your Sabbath Queen

Yasis Alayich Elohayich
Kimsos Hatan Al Kallah

Your God shall rejoice in you 
As a Bridegroom rejoices
In his Bride

Ve’erastich li
I shall bind you to me
Be’emunah in faith
Be’hesed in lovingkindness
Uv’rahaimim and in compassion

With this dance
I thee wed.


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