Recipe for a Joyous Pesach

Remember to remember. Welcome with open heart. Embrace being welcomed, regardless of the heart. Bring joy. Bring wonder. Forget what you think you know about The Story to discover what still needs discovering. Remember to remember that you do not know this ritual, this night, this time.

Remember to remember our story. Remember to tell the story as if you were there. Because you were there. We were there. Alongside each other. Waiting. Hoping. Giggling with anticipation. Prayerful. Awed. We were there. You were there. Remember to remember to tell your piece of Our Story.

Remember to remember sorrow. Embrace sorrow. Let her comfort you. Let her open your heart to sweetness. Honor what is gone. Mourn what is gone. Grieve what is gone. Let sorrow comfort you. Let the smiling faces, inviting aromas and savory flavors comfort you. Hold them alongside your sorrow. Remember to remember to embrace life.

Remember to remember joy. Cook with joy. Serve with joy. Read with joy. Sing with joy. Laugh with joy. Fill the space, whatever space you find yourself in, with so much joy that it must dance out doors and windows into our neighborhoods, communities, localities, the nation, around the globe and into the universe! Let it touch as many souls as possible along the way so that their joy also increases. Remember to remember to increase joy.

Remember to remember your narrow place. With curiosity, examine your narrow places, your constrictions. Ask them, what do you bring me? Ask them, how do you harm me? Ask them, why did I create you? Ask them, how did I learn you? Ask them, how do you protect me? Ask them, why do you hurt me? Examine, with curiosity, your narrow places. Remember to remember to prepare yourself to move into openness.

Remember to remember you. You are the key ingredient to your joyous Pesach.
Remember to remember to welcome you and to allow yourself to be welcomed.
Remember to remember to tell your piece of Our Story.
Remember to remember to embrace the fullness of your life.
Remember to remember to expand your joy.
Remember to remember to prepare to move into openness, no matter how open you currently may be.
Remember to remember your openness.
Remember to remember you!

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