Psalm of Protest 12: On the Eve of an Election

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This Psalm of Protest is to be “sung on the eve of an election.” The third stanza quotes verses from Psalm 94. The fourth stanza echoes those lines with a modern voice and a modern response: a call to action. 

Psalm of Protest 12

A psalm of protest,
Sung on the eve of an election,
Before the seats of power.

What malice,
What cynicism,
What blatant manipulation of democracy,
To perpetrate injustice and pervert the will of the people!
Voter suppression.
Turning a blind eye to attacks from hostile governments.
Woe to the usurpers who gain power falsely.

G-d of retribution, (Ps. 94:1–2)
G-d of retribution, appear!
Rise up, Judge of the earth.
Repay the arrogant what they deserve.
Can a corrupt throne be aligned with you? (Ps. 94: 20–21)
Can injustice be framed into law?

People of conscience,
People of conscience, appear!
Rise up to reclaim the ballot box,
Repay the deceitful,
Reject them and deny them office.
Will a corrupt government stand?
Will injustice be left unanswered?

Rise up, you of faith,
You of hope.
Rise up, to stand stalwart
Against threats to democracy.

Photo Source: Dayton Daily News

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