Prayer for Ukraine

Holy One, Source of Strength,
War has begun, and innocent people are dying.
We ask Your protection for Ukraine and its citizens.
We pray for their safety and the security of the country,
and for the neighboring countries—Hungary, Poland, and Rumania, among others—
that have opened their borders to provide humanitarian corridors
and safe passage for all those who wish to evacuate.
We seek the comfort of believing that everything will be all right,
even in the face of insurmountable odds.
Quiet the fears that threaten to deafen us; grant us Shleimut—
the inner peace we so desperately seek. Help us remain calm and reach out to those in need.
May this horrific situation be diffused swiftly with minimal casualties.
Bless our world leaders with the ability to work together for the greater good,
and the wisdom to make wise decisions during this turbulent time.
Bless the people of all nations with the desire, strength and courage
to create a world based on justice and filled with peace.
May the words of Isaiah 2:4:
“Nation shall not lift up sword against nation;
neither shall they learn war anymore”
become true in our day—in this very hour.
Source of Goodness, shine Your healing light on us
and all those in Ukraine we hold in our hearts.
Shelter us, shield us, show us the path to peace.

May we each be inspired to use our unique gifts to usher in an era of enduring peace.

And let us say: Amen.

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