Prayer over a Sick Child

May it be your will O Lord to bring full health to my child(ren). Until that time, grant me the understanding and strength to help my child(ren) get through this sickness. Let me know the best way to make him/her/them feel better. Help me know when to give medicine and when to ride it out. Help me know how to best comfort him/her/them.

Although I know that you know that there are many reasons for my prayer, some more selfless than others, I really just want life to return to “normal” for all of us. Let my child(ren) be well enough to go back to school; not only so I can go back to work, but so he/she/they can be with their friends in an enjoyable and educational environment. Let my child(ren) act normally in the house again; not only so they can eat a regular meal and not vomit it all over me, but so he/she/they can get strong and grow and thrive.

Help me Lord be the best parent I can be to my child(ren) and help me find ways to help him/her/them and us return to our normal lives so we can go on doing the best we can in this world.

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