Pillars: A Prayer for Peace

A pillar of cloud 
has become Iron Dome,
pillars of supersonic fire
ignite sleepless nights. 
Father Abraham defeated kings 
washed the feet of angels 
argued for lives – righteous lives 
though he knew them not.         
Can nations of descendents 
cease provocations
seething hate, man-made
chariots of destruction? 
Innocence lay buried in caves
trust sacrificed on false altars 
hope, like beating hearts 
turned to stone.
Where are leaders with courage 
of soldiers, compassion of their people,
when will we speak wisdom of ancestors
share the shade of olive trees?
Fragrant desert flowers                                      
open to persuading moonlight   
midnight blooms unexpected, 
new life born on ancient land.
Shalom, salaam – the only victory
for children & grandchildren,
pray this truth to the One we know
by different names.
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