Passover Immersion Ceremony

Intention – Kavannah

To be read before preparing for immersion:

Just as the Israelites stood at the shores of the Red Sea,
I prepare to immerse in the mikveh as part of my own journey toward freedom.

Immersion – T’vilah

Read before you immerse for the first time:

I acknowledge the narrow places in my life,
the ones I have come through and those yet ahead of me.

Slowly descend the steps into the mikveh waters, take a breath and immerse completely so that every part of
your body is covered by the warm water. When you emerge recite the following blessing:

Barukh atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melekh ha’olam asher kidshanu bi-t’vilah b’mayyim hayyim.

Blessed are You, God, Majestic Spirit of the Universe
who makes us holy by embracing us in living waters.


Read before you immerse for the second time:

Our ancestor Nachshon showed courage by stepping into waters yet un-parted.
I, too, claim courage in the unknown and immerse a second time for hope.
Take a deep breath and exhale, while gently and completely immersing for the second time.


Read before you immerse for the third time:

As the buds unfurl in spring, I honor the renewal and new growth within me.

Relax, and let your body soften, as you slowly and completely immerse for the third time.


Take a moment for personal reflection.
Immerse completely for the fourth time.
When you emerge recite the following:

Rooted in my people’s history, I emerge from these living waters,
ready to take my place in our continuing quest for freedom.

Created by Mayyim Hayyim Ritual Creation Team, 2004. This ceremony was created by Matia Rania Angelou, Deborah Issokson, and Judith D. Kummer for Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters.

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