Parshat Tzav on Purim

It is by means of the dark
That the hidden light can finally be seen;
The light that was always there,
But which seemed absent.
In the Womb of the Tent of Meeting,
For seven days – completion –
There was a disrobing;
A divestment of robes
In order that there be an Investment:
The vestiture of a people with a meaning;
As close as a breath is away,
Held within silent letters 
Of The Name.
Avodah – work, worship, service –
Comes into this world
Through human flesh.
I remember well
My driving need for redemption
For those sacrifices
That were never mine to make.
The people and Moshe 
Were disconnected.
The Tent of Meeting
Stood outside of the camp.
The people did not yet know
They had been forgiven.
All that was needed 
Was to accept it.
Then sit some more,
Until breathing 
Opens to Possibility
In the knowledge of what
We cannot know.
For who are we, after all, 
In the Cloud of HaShem’s imagination?

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