Parent’s Blessing for the Loss of their Child

Inspired by the words of Jacob in Genesis 44:29–34, Genesis 37:33–35, and Malachai 3:24
My soul is so bound up with yours, my child.
But where are you who was once with me? 
Now I drop my head in sorrow
Downward do I go down to Sheol, down to the darkness in grief.
My soul is bound with yours.
“Take me instead of them,” I say.
But, with this, You take me too.
Forever I am bound with you, my child. Forever I’m bound with you.
Who will witness me in this sorrow, this woe that overtakes me?
For the loss of all that could have been. The loss of what was meant to be.
I have protected; I have loved.
I stand before my God forever.
God, who returns the hearts of parents to their children
And children to their parents,
God knows, my soul is bound with yours.
Blessed are You, God, who binds the souls of parents with their children.
Barukh atah Adonai, hakosher nefashot horim im beneihem.
ברוך אתה ’’ הקושר נפשות הורים עם בניהם
 Tear garment

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