Overcoming Obstacles to Become a Teacher of Torah

I confess: The Rabbis terrify me.
Because when I read between the lines of their rulings,
I am reminded of my own mastery.
That I am here. 
Alive. Breathing life into my own verses.
And all the while, reading the ancient language to make sense of theirs.
I was never supposed to stumble across their words… or even my own. 
But through the accident of birth and the collision between my living and being,
I find myself the recipient of something I was never supposed to reach. 
But through my own willing, cleaving, and searching,
I have wrapped my struggle around myself like the embrace of the tallit.
As if to say, 
“Yes. I am deserving.“
Of the learning.  
The blessing of the teaching.
And the honor it is to teach.

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