Omer Day 21: Majesty of Beauty

Malchut of Tiferet – Majesty of Beauty

i no longer seek out the end of the journey
or the comfort of colorful horizons
to mark moments of transcendent pause

in fact, i do not look for day or night at all
but the truth that Time outwits the most beautiful conveniences
a Bottomless Source greater than the futility of ending and beginning.

as i watch the wonder of my world unfolding,
i let my desire for clarity and completeness give way to awareness
that destiny manifests every moment
and that my heart sees what eludes my eye:
departures and delays are the universe’s blessed and true arrivals.

There are rare but powerful instances when we awaken to the beauty of each part of our lives and the complex but meaningful whole of all of these experiences put together. This coherence of vision is the essence of Malchut of Tiferet. As part of your personal Jewish practice, you are encouraged to pause and reflect on the stunning greatness of all the tiny moments in your mysterious walk home and how you are always closer than you imagine even as you feel endlessly far away from your desired destinations.

Image by D’vorah Horn from her set of Omer Practice Cards (2016).

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