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Nasso: Yesod Malkhut

a white stream of light shines through the clouds onto a body of water in between two mountains
Dedicated to Rabbi Yael Levi for her comfort 
and Dael Adams for her tenderness

Beneath the cracking of our foundation
There is a matrix.
A matrix built
Root by root
Descendants of the names.
And from those roots
Comes a sprouting
Where I have been called to stand.

Judaism cannot remain still.
It was created to move. 
Decreed when traveling, 
Utensils were to be covered,
Under a skin of beauty.

When the Mishkan journeys
The Levites will take it down.
When the Mishkan encamps
The Levites shall erect it.

And though there be forces,
Seemingly against us,
From all around,
In colors lit on breast-plate,
Oh, holy collective,
By white light shimmering
Flowing from The One, 
Whether moving or tranquil,
For both have been before,
We shall remain.

We are protected.

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