This Morning

This morning
my husband
went to work early
so I could monitor
the kids
I heard him
leave the house
at 4am
so he can return
at noon
before I go to work

This morning
school is online
our youngest is five
and needs help
logging into
virtual kindergarten

This morning
our child with ADHD
needs his Para
but we are home so
I am his Para

This morning
I watched from
my kitchen window
as you packed up
your car
with signs that said
“Evangelicals for Trump”
“Women for Trump”
“Make America Great Again”

This morning
you waved
at me
as you pulled out of
your driveway
and onto
the street
a neighborly gesture
a smile from you and
a hand raised from me
as every muscle in
my body went tight

This morning
the password for
my daughter’s class
doesn’t work
the tears
prick my eyes
but I refuse
to let them come

This morning
you walked into a hangar
without a mask
and stood
with hundreds of others
who cheered and yelled
as the number of
sick and dying
tick up

This morning
I saw you leave
and with you
I saw you take
another day
another week
another month
of my life
in the name of
to wear
or not wear
in the name of
“personal choice”

This morning
I realized
you did not care that
my children are home

This morning
I realized
you did not care that
my husband went to work
with 5 hours of sleep

This morning
I realized
you did not care that
I will not shower today
my time will be consumed
with online elementary school

This morning
I realized
you are no longer
my friend

This morning
you will cheer
you will yell
you will defend
your god
while my children are
not in school

This morning
you chose
for me
you chose
for my husband
you chose
for my children
you chose
for those with health conditions
you chose
for the elderly
you chose
to put yourself first

This morning
you chose to fight
for haircuts
for bars
for gyms
for restaurants
for holiday parties
for manicures
for ladies wine night
for Bible study
to be in person

This morning
you chose yourself
before my children
before their education
before their social needs
before their mental health
before their childhood

This morning
you chose for me
that I am here
that my children are here
that we will be here
at home
next week
next month
and maybe
next year

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