Meditation for Healing from Grieving

person walking in desert sand dunes

 The parasha for the week when he died was Lech L’cha and the meditation was written with that in mind. While it was written for a spouse, the theme of journeying and moving forward makes it applicable for use for anyone who is grieving. 

Envision yourself walking in the desert. It is quiet and still and beautiful. You feel the wind blow around you. It is soft, gentle, refreshing. You look ahead into the distance. You hear a voice speak to you. It is the voice of HaShem. It says Lech l’cha [feminine: Lechi lach]. It tells you to journey forward into your future. It tells you not to be afraid as you leave that which is familiar, that which is comfortable, that which is limiting. You take a step forward, then another, then another. You hear the voice again. It whispers softly “Lech l’cha/Lechi lach, go forward. Do not be afraid. Go forward to the land I have prepared for you. It is a land of abundance. It is a land that is more than physical. It is land of many dimensions physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.” It is an inner landscape as well as an outer landscape. It is where you connect with and become one with HaShem. It is where you can connect with the world that HaShem gifted to you and (name of deceased person). Your love birthed countless worlds in this landscape. These worlds will never die. They sparkle like the innumerable stars in the heavens. They are everywhere, all around you, within you. This is a love for all time. This love was created by HaShem at the moment of Creation. It always was and always will be. It is a love that cannot die. Do not be afraid to journey forward. You will not lose your love. Listen to the voice. Lech l’cha/Lechi lach. Go forward into your future. Go forward to where HaShem will take you. He gave you (name of deceased person) to take you to the stars. The journey has not ended. It is in another dimension. Journey into the desert. It is not a wasteland but a living, breathing entity, just as your love was a creation in and of itself a living, breathing entity – that never dies. Lech l’cha/Lechi lach. Journey forward to the stars that HaShem created for you. Lech l’cha/Lechi lach. Journey forward to the place of light and holiness that is yours. Lech l’cha/Lechi lach. Journey forward to the place of beautiful, endless love that is yours.

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