A Meditation for Bereishit

This meditation was inspired by the following passages from parashat Bereishit:

Creation began with a ruakh, a spirit wind – the breath of God – the Ruakh HaKodesh – hovering over the waters (Gen. 1:2). And God said, “Yehi or – let there be light. And there was light” (Gen. 3–4).

The Meditation:

Sit quietly. Relax. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly. As you inhale, imagine that you are breathing in waves of healing energy. Feel these waves flow through your entire body. Feel this energy embrace your soul force and your spirit. As you exhale, envision any negative energy – any pain, tension, stress, fatigue – being released from your body, carried away on the soft wind of your breath. With every breath, feel the narrow places within you opening, expanding, becoming filled with waves of deep relaxation and healing energy. Feel this happening in your feet, legs, hips, hands, arms, shoulders, abdomen, spine, chest, neck, head, face.

Imagine that you are walking along the seashore. You hear the rhythm of the waves as they caress the shoreline. You note how the waves sparkle and shimmer as the water catches the sunlight. You hear the sound of a gentle wind blowing over the waters. And all around you see an ocean of Endless Light.  

In the beginning, a wind swept over the waters – a ruakh, a spirit wind – and, in the wind, the breath of the Holy One. As you take a few deep breaths, imagine you are breathing in the wind over the waters. This is the Ruakh Elohim, the Breath of God, the Breath of Creation. With every breath you take, you feel this Breath of Creation flowing into your lungs. You feel tightened airways relaxing and opening as the Divine Breath flows through them. You feel your lungs opening and expanding like angel wings – uplifting you with every breath you take. You feel this Breath flowing from your lungs to your heart and from your heart to every part of your body.   

And God said “Yehi or – let there be light… and there was light.” Now envision light flowing into the top of your head, flowing through all your veins and arteries like sap flowing through a tree. This is the very Light of Creation. Envision shimmering particles of this light flowing through all your cells. And as you become filled with this beautiful light, your entire body begins to glow. And now the light increases even more, as you become part of this ocean of Endless Light, this Flowing Source, reaching to infinity.

Breath….Light…..this is how Creation began. The Ruakh Elohim is always there for you. It is a part of you – giving you life, sustaining you. The Endless Light is always there for you – flowing all around you and within you. Know that Divine Breath flows through you. Know that you are one with the Light of Creation.   

Hold on to these images as you now become aware once more of your breath and the boundaries of your body. As you take a few deep breaths, become aware of the gentle rise and fall of your chest. Become aware once more of your presence in this room. Then – whenever you are ready – slowly, gently – open your eyes.

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