Knowing God?

I once thought 
that if I studied enough, I’d be able to understand You;
if I prayed fervently enough, You’d answer in the ways that I wanted.
If I read more books and delved deeper into texts, 
I’d come to know the Mystery of Your ways.
Now I’ve realized the error of my ways—to think that I could know You through thought.
Now I’ve learned that my experience with You is about feeling, not thinking.
Feeling Your majesty in the mountains, 
Your beauty in the trees.
The sound of You whispering in the wind 
and in the still small voice inside of me which brings me closer to You,
closer than any book or story or thought.
I see You in the rising and setting of the sun.
I feel You in the love of my husband and children.
I hear You in the whispering of my soul.
I know You in the stillness.
Harpu u’de’u (Psalms 46:10)
Be still and know that I am.
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