It’s Not About Letting Go

white hand holding lit candle in small glass jar

As I think about those I have loved who have left this world I have come to find that letting go is not at all what I need to do. Instead, what I really need to work on is letting in, continuing to hold them deeply in my heart even when I miss them the most. I need to let them in by remembering the essence of who they were (and still are) and the special bond we shared (and always will share) so vividly that each quality of their goodness, their spirit, the very best of them feels completely welcome and at home in my heart; so welcome that this part of them comes to integrate into who I am. That’s what honoring memory is really about: letting them in and doing so in the deepest way so that a type of seed is planted in my heart to grow a better me. Those beloved ones no longer in the physical world do not want me burdened by their loss. They want me blossomed by their love.

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