I Pleaded with God

closeup of elderly woman's hands being held by younger person's hands, both light-skinned
I pleaded with God.
I screamed. I sobbed.
I thought it was very simple.
Allow her to live.
Save her. Keep her in my living world.
Raging with pain and anger,
I pleaded with God.
Bless her with continued life.
She is so near the abyss of death.
Draw her away, 
Far away from this permanent chasm.
My prayer went unanswered. 
Shekhinah had Her own plans.
Suddenly, as if flipping a switch, 
I stopped pleading.
I stopped screaming.
I stopped raging. 
At that moment my mother’s heart stopped beating.
Pure, total calm filled my body and spirit.
Holiness was suspended in those moments.
I experienced a sensation of peace
Beyond any I had ever experienced. 
My mother was at peace, so I could be at peace.
She partnered with God
To send me this sacred message
With profound clarity. 
It was the most precious of gifts:
Knowing my mother was at blissful peace
Forever calms and soothes my soul.   
I am forever grateful 
To my Mother-Love and the Shekhinah.
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