Holy, Sick and Afraid

black woman in mask walking down the street

Psalm 118: 6
"The LORD is with/for me/on my side. I will not fear..."

the psalmist's voice breaks
and i feel a generational tickle in
the back of my throat

i will not be afraid
i will not be afraid

i am so wholly afraid

i, who am sick, who will be sick, who feel some sickness limb to limb every day, shaking, begin now to pray-

let this mask
protect me

but not efface me

and as i face you and you me
may we look upon each other
to face
what we can no longer face

to be human is to be sick 
to be sick is to be human

and we shall be holy

from the very bottom of
these unholy depths

a song and our singing


Found in: Hard Times, Coronavirus

Tags: , healing