Here I am – Hineni

An interactive prayer for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Mussaf

Here I am
Stirred up
Planted in front of You
And in front of my
Fellow conspirators in prayer
To pray for myself
And on behalf of my community

I know that all days are holy
When I make them holy

Some of the people here I know
I love them

Some of the people here I don’t know
I love them too

Remind me to empty myself
Of all that separates me from You
And everything I love the most

Play me like a vessel
A flute a harp an oud
Hanging on the edge of the bed
A northern wind blowing through me

Empty me
Open me
To forgive and be forgiven

Empty me
What gets in my way
[substitute here your own obstacles
and when you do
take a moment to name them:
what separates you from God
and everything you love the most?]

As for me
Let me love as purely and as wholly
As I know I can

To my community
If I have done or said anything
In the past year that has hurt you
In any way intentionally or unintentionally
I am sorry
And I ask your forgiveness

As I forgive you
If you have done or said anything to hurt me

What you think of me
None of my business

May our prayers
Our actions
Our lives
Be rescued from the externals

That our prayers might rise
Uninterrupted like doves
Straight to heaven

Or guided
To the sacred heart of the world

We will never lose our yearning
For peace, depth, and beauty

We honor our holy ancestors
Who rest at the foot of the
Throne of Glory

With our prayers
Our actions
Our songs
Today and all days

Nothing in God’s creation is ever lost

Bless us

O God
One God
Unclaimed God
Only God
Lonely God

Bless us

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