Awareness returns before the sun does,

much too soon.

But for some, it does not.


I reach out my arms, legs and

arch my back

and creak

and crack.

But some cannot.


Pulling away the blanket, I wince

at this cold room.

But some have no choice.

And I temper the chill with a hot shower.

But some must wait for help.


Once I’ve pulled on

and stuffed in

and tied up

All the things for this day,

I walk outside into a morning cold

few experience.

But some know all too well.


The sky is more clear at this hour,

and crisper

than at the previous day’s end.

There are




And so



But down here,

I count sounds on my fingers.

And some never notice.

As the frozen leaves crunch

under my feet,

I see

so very far away,

over the eastern mountains,

Venus pulling up

the Sun.

And so easily I could not.

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