The Global Diversity Haggadah

The Global Diversity Haggadah was created to provide a personal window into my life and identity as a Jew. It provides my perspective as a black Jew, related to the multicultural celebration of freedom. This haggadah contains diversity themed poems and Torah verses. It may be used as a supplement to a traditional seder or as the primary resource. Below is an excerpt from the haggadah.

Candle Lighting                                                       

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us that we kindle the Yom Tov (holiday) lights.
Barukh Atah Ado-nai, Elo-heinu Melekh Ha-olam, Asher Kid’shanu B’mitzvotav V’tzivanu L’hadlik Ner Shel Yom Tov
Global Light
From the depths of darkness
and oppression
we prayed for the light
we were sad and weary
we were depressed and dreary
tonight, we light this candle
and remember
we break the darkness
to shatter the dread
we choose the light

so, we may see the colorful world
and not lose sight
of the beauty of our people
our diversity all over the world
Our diaspora
is the light around the globe
bright and bold
warm and inviting
and melts the cold
that no longer beat
of love
We shine
just like this light
after generations of persecution
of our black, brown, yellow, and white people
relentless in
their fight
Tonight, we light
the candles to never forget
the power of our people
we appreciate our freedom
from slavery
and recognize G-d’s right
to his people
Tonight, we bring light into this world
to represent
G-d’s miracles
our hope
and freedom.
I see G-d in you
(pour wine into the cup of the person sitting next to you and repeat these words after the leader)
As I serve this wine to you
I share with you my love
and I honor the G-d in you
I respect how we are different
and the same
Just as our people journeyed
in the desert
to just be who they are
free to be
I pour you this wine
to celebrate the Israelite in you.
I serve this drink
for you to sip while leaning
to the left
because you are special
and you have royal blood
running through your veins
your uniqueness is regal
and you are a perfect image
of our G-d.


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