Days of Awe Meditation

The transformative days of awe preoccupation
Teshuvah – Transformation
I will turn away from here and approach There*
Teshuvah – to be unstuck
Not arrival but journey
Not destination but pathway

Take a look at the Night sky
The moon is the image**
Growth arc
Look to the moon when it’s hidden
New Moon Rosh Hashanah Tishrei
Beginning of the month.

Make a tekiah with the shofar awakening something new***
Go outside look to the new moon Tishrei
Draw down something new into the world
Draw down on Rosh Hashanah hidden

Nistar to nigleh****
Like the moon that fills toward
The full moon of Sukkot
Fifteenth of the month.

From the first to the fifteenth of the month
Each day revealing more
Like the moon.

This year the year of intentional language
Economy of language
A decade of years
To get keen with language.

Let all the signs
The stars too
All the angels and energies totems and intentions
Conspire to be the year of good intention
The focused action
May it be the year
It is supposed to be.

Every year ends in ellipses and begins with
A prayer for the future.

We meet the challenge of the future
With more than a wish
With more than happy new year.

We are trying to know something
When knowing isn’t every-
Thing, the transformative images
We share these Days of Awe,

5780 since the creation of the world
As we reckon time –

A day at a time.


*Rashi on Ex.3:3
**Zohar Emor and Kuntres Uma’ayan Ma’amar 18
****hidden to revealed

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