Crafting Values-based Blessings for a New Baby

These values are taken from the Ribbono Shel Olam prayer at the end of the traditional Brit Milah/covenenting ceremony for a new child, with some progressive/expansive definitions. Parents can use these values to craft blessings for their child, or can be given to community members as a guide for them to share blessings during a Brit Milah/covenenting ceremony.

Hashuv: Feel important, prioritized

Merutzeh: Wanted, cherished

Mekubal: Accepted, welcomed

Hikravtihu: Intimacy, relationship 

Rakhamekha: Merciful, compassionate, patient, empathy

Kedushah: Sacred, intentional 

Tehorah: Pure, elevated

Patu’akh: Open, vulnerable 

Lilmod: Learn, curiosity

Le’lamed: Teach, share

Lishmor: Guard, protect

La’asot: Manifest, action 

Arikhut Yamim: Longevity, health

Yirat Het: Moral/ethical core

Osher: Richness, sustenance 

Kavod: Honor, respect

Timaleh Mishalot Libo: Dreaming, aspiration, passion 

Tovah: Goodness, kindness

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