B’sha’ah Tovah (In the Right Hour)

pregnant woman holding belly

This blessing was written with a heterosexual couple in mind, but could be easily adapted for the LGBTIQ community or a single parent.

To The Holy One of Blessing,

There are times I feel your presence and times I wrestle with your very existence . But now, as we begin to hover over the gateway to a new life, Your presence is clear and obvious. I beseech You to hear my prayer, have compassion and mercy, and bless us during [mom to be’s] birthing time, b’shs’ah tovah (in the right hour), with another healthy neshama to fill this world with goodness.
May you bless [mom to be] with strength, trust, and endurance, and help her to easily surrender to the powerful and safe process of birth. May she feel no fear, never doubt her strength, and know she has all the power, courage, and everything she needs within to bring forth the life inside her. Wherever her birthing path may lead her, may she feel content and accepting of Your ways.
May you bless [partner] with endurance, patience, and the continual love and support that is always ever so bountiful in his heart and available to give to [mom to be].
May you bring forth a healthy baby with a yearning to grasp onto life with tenacity, so this new soul can bring nachas to its parents, bring joy, help and strength to those in need, and help us to repair our broken world.
May you bless [health care provider] with the perfection of judgment, discernment of safety, unending perseverance, patience and energy, and gentleness of touch and tenderness of soul to attend to [mom to be’s] needs and shepherd and guide her baby safely and healthfully into her arms.
May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you, The Holy One of Blessing.
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