Brit Ahavah – Covenant of Love: Non-Theistic Jewish Wedding Blessings

The couple stands back to back with their eyes closed and a veil is held between them. They are invited to turn around and open their eyes as the veil is lifted in order to see and accept each other for who they really are. 
The couple bless each other thus:
הֲיִי אֲשֶׁר תִּהְיִי וַהֲיִי בְּרוּכָה בַּאֲשֶׁר תִּהְיִי
Hayi asher tihyi v’ahayi berukhah ba’asher tihyi (f)
הֱיֵה אֲשֶׁר תִּהְיֶה וֶהֱיֵה בָּרוּךְ בַּאֲשֶׁר תִּהְיֶה
Heyeyh asher tihyeh veheyeyh barukh ba’asher tihyeh (m)
Be who you are, and may you be blessed in all that you are. 
The couple proceed to the huppah to begin the Kiddushin ceremony
We bless our tradition which enjoins us to not cause distress to others and distinguishes us with the ceremony of marriage which consecrates couples under the wedding canopy. We bless the light of humanity that sanctifies us in the brit ahavahthe covenant of love.
Blessing over the wine:
We bless the light in life, which creates the fruit of the vine.
We bless the light in humanity which renews us through our traditions as we cleave one to the other and become as one. We forbid to us others, and permit to us the one who we marry by means of brit ahavah. Blessed is the light of our traditions which sanctifies us to one another by means of brit ahavah. 
Ring exchange:
וְאֵרַשְׂתִּיךְ לִי לְעוֹלָם וְאֵרַשְׂתִּיךְ לִי בְּצֶדֶק וּבְמִשְׁפָּט וּבְחֶסֶד וּבְרַחֲמִים
And I will espouse you forever: I will espouse you with righteousness and justice, And with goodness and mercyAni ledodi, ve dodi liI am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.
1. We bless the light in life, which creates fruit of the vine.
2. We bless the light in humanity, through which all things are glorious.
3. We bless the light in the world, which dwells within every human being.
4. We bless the light in the world through which we live, love and perpetuate life.
5. May all the people of the world rejoice as their children are renewed with joy. Blessed is the light in our lives as the people rejoice in their children.
6. We bless with perfect joy these loving companions. Blessed is the light of love which brings joy to loving companions.
7. We bless the light in humanity, through which we know joy and gladness, lover and friend, mirth, song, delight and rejoicing, love and harmony, peace and friendship. May there always be heard in our cities and in our streets voices of joy and gladness, voices of lover and friend, the jubilant voices of those joined in marriage under the canopy, the voices of people feasting and singing. Blessed is the light of love which sparks rejoicing within couples beneath their huppah. 
The couple drinks the wine
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