A Blessing for Two Women on the Occasion of their Wedding

May the Shechinah, the Holy Presence,
that brings forth the female in the Divine,
spread Her wings over you and protect you.
May Her light shine upon you with compassion,
And may Her countenance illumine your lives
With shalom with wholeness and peace.

Like Ruth and Naomi,
may you walk together,
weathering sands and winds,
and may you reach
your Promised Land

Like Ruth and Naomi,
may you find strength in each other,
and enjoy the gentle caress of love
that held them together
in the worst of times
and in the best of times.

Like the women of our tradition,
may you be
together as women
in your wholeness
strong and compassionate,
tender and fierce,
courageous and fragile,
adventurous and meek,
tasting sweetness in celebration,
and surviving bitterness with determination.

Like our mother Miriam,
may you live to dance and rejoice
at the shores of
your own liberation,
taking timbrel in hand
and saying:
Sing out to the Holy One,
for God is great
for She has given us life,
and sustained us in life,
and has brought us together
to celebrate
at this most joyous moment!



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