Blessing for Newcomers

I wrote this when I was searching, online and within myself, for a way to really welcome my friend who had just converted to Judaism, to bring her into so much of what it does and should mean to be Jewish, really to offer her that which I wish for myself and everyone who is a part of the Jewish world. Feel free to adapt it to say what really speaks to you/what you hope for someone for their newly begun journey and experience as a Jew. *Also if you know of a text from the liturgy that has a similar message please send it my way!*

Blessing for Newcomers

May you be blessed with an enduring embrace

May you find only loving, open arms in any synagogue or community you walk through

May you find reflections of yourself – your stories of triumph & struggle – and of people around you in Jewish texts and history

May your curiosity for Jewish learning be driven by all that you find when you look

May you find solace, love, wonder and hope in prayer

May you be guided by the paths of righteousness that have been paved before you

May you wrestle with all the multifaceted teachings and wisdom that you are inheriting

May you feel a stake in building a vibrant, complex, and abundant Jewish future; and

May you feel at home in yourself, your family, and your community.

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