Angels of Light Healing Meditation

This meditation was written for a friend who was diagnosed with a blood disorder, but can be modified for any part of the body in need of healing.

Envision a garland of tiny flower buds above you. Now envision tiny angels within each flower bud. See streams of healing energy flowing from them to you. Note the color of these streams. See these streams of healing energy penetrate your skin. Feel these rays of light and energy flowing into your blood and bone marrow. Feel the warmth they bring. Feel how they bring relief from pain, fatigue, stress. Envision the blood and bone marrow tissues regenerating and healing as they are bathed in this healing light. Envision healthy new blood cells forming in the healing light.

The Talmud says: “Every blade of grass has its own angel that bends over it and whispers “grow, grow.” See your tiny healing angels hovering lovingly over you in an unbroken circle of love and healing. Hear them gently whisper “heal, heal” as they spread their wings like a blanket over your whole body, following the pattern of your blood flow. Now imagine microscopic angels in all your cells. See them flowing through your bloodstream. Hear their songs of healing as they whisper “heal, heal.” Know that your healing angels are always there for you—gently whispering “heal, heal” as they guide you on your healing journey.

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