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Across the Wadis: In Gratitude for the Ceasefire

young person with backpack hiking through rocky desert with bright clouds above
There is a wind across the wadis.
Eerily silent on this early Sivan morning.
The rockets no longer scream,
The jets no longer roar,
The detritus of hatred lies scattered.
There is an unease borne on this quiet breeze.
One of both relief, and tension,
Of wariness in the truce just called.
The weapons have ceased fire, but not the words,
And distrust continues to permeate the ether.
Fingers point as tears roll down cheeks.
Caskets are built as mourners wail.
Here, children play in the shade of bomb shelters.
And across the razor wire line,
Children wander through the rubble.
Mothers hold their offspring close,
Thankful that theirs were not victims.
Fathers look at their families with love,
Grateful to have respite from the fighting.
Palestinian and Jew share these thoughts as if one mind.
It is time now for hesed.
It is never too late for mercy to prevail.
In this moment in time, change is possible
For minds, and hearts, and stubborn posturing.
Now is an opportunity for the future to brighten.
Gd of Palestinian and Jew alike, 
Open the eyes and arms of us all.
Open our hearts to compassion, our souls to love.
Let us know the security of peace everlasting,
Gently reminding us that You are one, and we are all Your family.

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