A Prayer for Healing Relationships Within the Jewish Community

sunlight shining on an open field
“Praiseworthy are those who dwell in Your house.” –Psalm 84
Praise be to You, Adonai, Ruler of the Universe, wellspring of kindness, granter of mercy. 
No place is devoid of You. 
No time a stranger to Your glory. 
God of Abraham and Sarah, it is you who binds us together, even when we stand against ourselves. 
Lift us from the painful depths of anger and fear, separation and heartache.
You are graceful and mighty, Your wonders stretch across the earth and into the heavens. 
We only know today, but Your understanding is beyond calculation*.
When I raise my voice in anger, help me see the Divine Spark in my opponent.
When I fall into inexhaustible arguments, help me quiet my mind for reflection.
When I am tangled in cycles of accusation and recrimination, help me make space for Your boundless wisdom and compassion.
May I never forget, Hashem, that we are the family Israel.
We praise you together in deserts and on mountain tops, in cities and on open fields. 
We study Your ways at home and at shul, in beit midrash and in the wilderness.
Together we dwell in Your house.
Help us embrace one another again.


*“Your understanding is beyond calculation.” -Psalm 147

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