Like Leaving Egypt

the pyramids in Egypt

Karen Webber frames her mental health journey through the Exodus story.

Rent Party

a peak in the desert

Moses came down from the mountain, / plenty tired and more than a little singed…”

Seder Plate Poems

items on a silver seder plate

Poet Corie Feiner’s collection of poems explores the seder plate symbols with depth and beaty.

Lo Dayenu (for Passover 5784)

the sun rises over the desert

“If we gather around the Seder table in joy and don’t make room for tears, lo dayenu…”

Why On This Night? Four Questions for 5784

a cloudy sky looms over the desert

“On this night, as we gather in our narrow places, / how can we not mourn the loss of our dear ones,
those in captivity, those gone,
those no longer our friends?”

‘A Way In’ Passover Guide to Honor and Heal our Broken Hearts, 2024/5784

a blue flower spring up from brown rocks

Rabbi Yael Levy shares a Jewish mindfulness approach to this year’s seder.

Passover Seder Ideas for Time of War and Crisis

two people sit at the Seder table

Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green shares new rituals for this Passover.