Esa Eynay

starry sky over desert and mountains

A poem interlaced with words of prayer

A Hanukkah Candle Lighting Prayer for Difficult Times

a hanukkiah with lit candles

A new Hanukkah blessing for 2023/5784.

To Love All

a field of wildflowers

“Reaching just beyond we find even more loves…”

In the Light of the Candles

candle flames melt down in a hanukkah menorah

In the light of the HanukkahThe holiday which celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem following its conquest by the Syrians in 165 BCE. The holiday is celebrated by […]


a bridge with sunlight at its end

This poem includes the Modeh Ani prayer for greeting the day


sunshine through a giant cloud illuminating the sky

“There is a line / drawn by darkness,
emboldened by Evil, itself…”

Tipat Torah: Singing Sad Songs Again and Again

In re-encountering Torah every year, we get the joy of meeting up with beloved places and dear old friends.