A Prayer for Shavuot

Person wrapped in a blanket watches the sun rise over mountains

Matrix of the Holy Blessed One, As we stand together To celebrate our Anniversary with You, Our Beloved, May we know that the TorahThe Five Books of Moses, and the […]

Wrapping tefillin on a nursery log

large log with a tree growing from it

Western hemlock’s thick roots drape the sides of a redcedar nursery log like tefillin straps, wrapping its substrate seven times. Love, severity, compassion, perseverance, compromise, connection, receptivity. And when the […]

Alternate Mikveh Ritual Using the Element of Air

clouds blowing across a blue sky

While traditional mikveh rituals use water, this alternative uses the air generated by four fan-bearers.

Mikveh Hamayim

dark water with bubbles of light

“12 months of mourning, / Travelling, conjoined, / On our continuing / Separate ways.”

Torah and Haftarah Blessings with Feminine God Language and Re-Gendered Hebrew

open torah scroll

Torah and Haftarah blessings addressing the Divine as feminine