Standing Stone

large rock jutting into the water. A person stands on the rock's edge looking out into a bright, cloudy horizon

“The stone, once mud 
at the bottom of the ocean / pressed into rock by time, / will outlast me.”

The Squatter

a close=up of cracks in a wall, the surface is blue in places and beige below

“Some time ago (I can’t say when) it leeched
into my thoughts as through a cracked wall, / a breach in my otherwise fortified mind.”

Receiving Peace

a stream falling over rocks

“What if we understood / that shalom swirls through the worlds…”

Culture Tornado

a cyclone of wind risging from a green field

“As the winds throw us astray / Get out of your own way…”

A Kavannah Before Engaging in Challenging Conversations

two women sit across from each other in a darkly lit restaurant, engaging in conversation

This kavannah is for anyone who is about to engage in a challenging or difficult conversation, in any situation that stems from disagreement.