Beloved Zion

View of the negev desert with a small tree

“The ones who say Zionism is a dirty word, / The ones who choose death on your account, / They only see the ‘ism.'”

Modern Interactive Hadvalah Ceremony

a blue and white havdalah candle

Rabbi Jill Hausman shares a contemporary havdalah ceremony.

Counting the Omer (Taylor’s Version): Week Two

Taylor Swift stands in a wheatfield

Each week of the Omer 5784 we’ll include LilyFish Gomberg’s weekly guide to Counting the Omer (Taylor’s version).

Acheinu Prayer

a bird flies acriss a sky of clouds, some light and some dark

“May the Holy Oneness hold us in the Light / so we may gaze upon the Sacred in each other’s eyes.”

Sacred Healing

woman sits overlooking the sea

Walking the path of sacred healing I stop to notice   anahata ahava in the cave of my heart,   holding sacred space for others to explore their echo.    […]

‘A Way In’ Journeying Through the Omer Guide

new mexico desert

Rabbi Yael Levy shares a mindfulness guide to Counting the Omer for 5784.

Still Leaving Egypt

multi-colored lamps

“Help me / set alight the chametz /
blocking the integrity of my alignment…”