Welcoming Shabbat

a white doves lifts its wings to fly

“the door will open, / the Shekhinah and her entourage of angels /
will enter our temple in time.”

God Will Gather Us In

Reconstructing Judaism · “God Will Gather Us In” with Rabbi Rachel Barenblat This teaching includes an optional writing prompt. “Though my father and mother abandon me, God will gather me […]

A Psalm for Mourning

A person stands on the rocks, overlooking the ocean on a dark day

“I cannot tear it all down, / rip out the broken heart of it, / and be done with it.”

At Sea (for Elul)

small yellow boat

“How do you steer this thing? / Which end is helm and which is the stern?”

Teshuvah/change is a real possibility!?

Reconstructing Judaism · “Teshuvah/change is a real possibility!?” with Rabbi Michael Strassfeld The process of teshuvah is a challenging one. It is easy to be skeptical of our ability to […]

Dollar Bread Shabbat Blessing

tearing a piece of white bread

We bless this store brand slice of dollar bread, This cup of stale wine, Upon this plastic folded table. We give praise for our studio apartment, A concrete sukkahLit. hut […]