Category: Purim

By Rabbi Lina Zerbarini
March 7, 2022
A question was brought: Why do we read about the building of the Mishkan, or Tabernacle, in the month of Adar, when Purim falls?
Shalem: Embodied and Mindfulness Practices for Joy on Purim
By Rabbi Lavey Derby and Julie Emden
March 11, 2019
“The presence of the Divine is manifest within a place of joy.”
Communal Acts of Private Intimacy: A Review of Trisha Arlin’s Place Yourself
By Alden Solovy
January 7, 2019
Like the liturgists of old, Arlin’s work troubles us where we are too comfortable and comforts us when we are troubled
Creating a Happiness Practice
By Mike Tannebaum
March 21, 2016
When our culture is filled with messages that tell us we must be happy and to find a quick fix to deal with negative emotions, it can be difficult to work on cultivating genuine happiness. During the month of Adar and the holiday of
Sometimes Happiness Takes Its Time
By Hila Ratzabi
March 1, 2016
As I push the stroller along the bumpy paved path of the local park, I feel rare sunlight on my face after a long winter. The season seems to be hinting at changing, while the cold breeze reminds me it’s not spring just yet. I needed to go outside, to see the sun today. It was a gray and isolating winter, as I stayed home for many days with my beautiful new baby. He had been born premature in November, and the five weeks that he spent in the hospital were one of the darkest times of my life. Though my son’s health always progressed well throughout that period, we were in limbo.
Hiding in Plain Sight
By Rabbi Roni Handler
February 19, 2013
This Purim, think about what your costume might say about you and allow yourself the freedom to embrace your hidden self.
Soundtracks for Purim: Part Deux
March 8, 2012
What music might best serve as a soundtrack to this year’s Purim experience? Join our humorous debate!
What would Queen Esther say?
March 6, 2012
This year Purim falls on International Women's Day. What would our Purim heroines think about the rights and roles of women in today's world?
Soundtracks for Purim: Debussy vs. Engelbert Humperdinck
March 1, 2012
What music might best serve as a soundtrack to this year’s Purim experience? Join our humorous debate!
Are We Having Fun Yet?
February 27, 2012
Over the last several years my relationship to Purim has changed. I have come to appreciate the invitation to simply be happy and to play with convention in a contained and bounded way.

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