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Counting the Omer: An Artistic Practice
By Ritualwell
September 29, 2016
Ritualwell is excited to introduce a new series of interviews with Jewish artists on art and spirituality. Our first featured artist is D'vorah Horn. Learn more about Mending Spirit: Art for Healing and support their fundraising campaign, ending soon. 1. Al regel akhat, on one foot: Tell us about your latest Jewish art project.
A Reflection on Mental Health Awareness Month
By Kami Knapp
May 31, 2016
As you may have noticed, this month Ritualwell featured guest blog posts for Mental Health Awareness Month. You might wonder why an organization devoted to ritual would choose to address this topic. Mental illness affects us all, and Jewish communities in particular are failing to support those struggling with their mental health issues. In many communities, particularly in the Jewish community, we do not discuss mental illness often, let alone acknowledge it through ritual. 
A Place Where You Belong: Jewish Healing Circles
By Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein
May 12, 2016
The first time I participated in a prayer service in a circle I felt awkward and uncomfortable. It felt exposed—everyone could see me. For me, prayer is a private matter. Indeed, one of the highlights during my years after college studying in
Becoming a Mental Health Advocate
By Efrem Epstein
May 12, 2016
How can the Jewish community be more accessible to those affected by mental health issues?
Dead of a Broken Heart
By Alden Solovy
May 9, 2016
Here’s our message: if you suffer, get help. You’re worth it.
Seeking Light #After Cancer
By Rabbi Ilana Garber
December 6, 2015
They kept telling me that once we got through the terrible summer, the “summer of yuck” as we called it, that I would find light, happiness and health. They tried to reassure me, as we checked each week of chemo off the calendar, that I was one step closer to relief, to a happy ending, to life after cancer. They promised – everyone promised – that I’d feel better, that I’d resume work and parenting and everything in between, and that I’d be able to put cancer far behind me and move on.
Human Rights Shabbat: Campaign to End Mass Incarceration
By Rabbi Seth Wax
November 30, 2015
But we must recall the innate human dignity of every person, every prisoner, and recognize their need for healing, too.
Healing Through Uncertainty: Lessons From Sukkot
By Sue Gurland
October 2, 2015
Sukkot invites us to live more fully present lives.
When Is the Right Time to Heal?
By Hila Ratzabi
August 4, 2015
Grief begins to feel like the humidity of northeast summer: a ubiquitous discomfort that we’ve come to accept as normal. 
Iyar is the Month of Healing: On Creating a Jewish Healing Circle
By Sue Gurland
April 20, 2015
In Kabbalah, the current month on the Hebrew calendar, Iyar, is the month of healing. Its spelling—aleph, yud, yud, resh—corresponds to the first letters of the words “Ani Yud-Yud Rofecha,” “I am G-d your Healer.” As I prepare for the Jewish Healing Circle I lead each month at my synagogue, I am struck by what a powerful healing tool it has become.

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