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Loved Ones' Vidui

Prayer in a Time of Serious Illness: A Modern Vidui

A modern vidui (confession) for serious illness or death

Vidui for God (2021)

A Vidui directed at the ways God has missed the mark

Personal Vidui: Forgiving Myself

A Vidui prayer that balances acknowledgment of wrongdoings with noticing the good

Vidui for One Unable to Speak

A confessional to be recited on behalf of one who is unable to speak at the end of their life

A Vidui for Racism

"We have abstained from uncomfortable growth"

Interpretive Vidui

A new version of the traditional confession prayer

Vidui for Coronavirus

Positive Confession (Vidui)

Confession of positive behaviors

Vidui: Confession of Sins Against the Future

"We signed on to a covenant: / If we take care of the earth / it will take care of us."

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