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A Ritual and Prayer Upon Adopting and Naming a Pet

"Help us strive to meet their needs with love"

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

An article about ways of dealing with the loss of a pet in a Jewish way

Passing of a Beloved Pet

A prayer to say upon the death of a beloved pet

For a Critically-Ill Pet

Prayer for a sick pet

Saying Good-bye to a Beloved Pet

A short ceremony for acting on the decision to put a beloved pet to sleep

Ritual for Adopting a Pet

Based on the NACAC (North American Council on Adoptable Children) candle-lighting ceremony

Creating a Ritual for the Loss of a Companion Animal

A guide for creating one’s own ritual for saying goodbye to a companion animal

Blessing of the Animals

A Hillula for Rav Kook celebrating the role of animals in our lives

Burial Service for an Animal Companion

Rituals for burial, with suggestions for additional ways of memorializing and remembering

Communal Acts of Private Intimacy: A Review of Trisha Arlin’s Place Yourself

Like the liturgists of old, Arlin’s work troubles us where we are too comfortable and comforts us when we are troubled

The Reconstructionist Network

Liturgy Writing for Prayer Leaders

This immersion is for prayer leaders who have some experience writing prayers and want to receive feedback and hone their skills as liturgists in a supportive environment.

Six sessions, starting May 24th

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