Grace After Meals Meditation

Found In: Blessings for Food

Tags: Sephardi, birkat hamazon, Rabbi Shefa Gold

From the Sephardic liturgy of Birkat Hamazon | Prayer

 Based on Talmud Brachot 40b

מה שאכלנו יהיה לשובע
ומה ששתינו יהיה לרפואה
ומה שהותרנו יהיה לברכה

 בְּרִיך רַחֲמָנָא מַלְכָּא     דְעַלְמָא     מָרֵיהּ דְהַאי פִּיתָּא    


Mah she-achalnu yihiyeh l’sova
u-mah she-shatinu yihiyeh lir’fuah
u-mah she-hotarnu yihiyeh liv’rachah

B’rich rachamana, malka de'alma
marey d’hai pita

That which we ate, may it satiate us;
And that which we drank, may it give us good health;
And that which is left over, may we see it as a blessing;

Blessed are You, Source of Mercy, for You are the master of
this bread.

 To hear a musical rendition of the blessing by Rabbi Shefa Gold, click here.