Grace After Meals Meditation

From the Sephardic liturgy of Birkat Hamazon

 Based on Talmud Brachot 40b

מה שאכלנו יהיה לשובע
ומה ששתינו יהיה לרפואה
ומה שהותרנו יהיה לברכה

 בְּרִיך רַחֲמָנָא מַלְכָּא     דְעַלְמָא     מָרֵיהּ דְהַאי פִּיתָּא    


Mah she-achalnu yihiyeh l’sova
u-mah she-shatinu yihiyeh lir’fuah
u-mah she-hotarnu yihiyeh liv’rachah

B’rich rachamana, malka de'alma
marey d’hai pita

That which we ate, may it satiate us;
And that which we drank, may it give us good health;
And that which is left over, may we see it as a blessing;

Blessed are You, Source of Mercy, for You are the master of
this bread.

 To hear a musical rendition of the blessing by Rabbi Shefa Gold, click here.