Lift Every Voice

by JM Poses

Elections provide us with an opportunity to organize our personal values and community commitments. The act of voting can be a first step toward becoming the engaged citizens we aspire to be.


Welcoming Daughters

By Rabbi Linda Holtzman
Looking at a baby girl and feeling the joy of celebrating who she is and who she will become are wonderful experiences. A welcoming foot washing ceremony is one way of concretizing that joy. In 1980... [more]

No Short Cuts For Circumcision

By Rabbi Kevin Bernstein
Pun intended.  The popular press has recently reminded contemporary Jews that the continuation of brit milah (ritual circumcision), remains a challenge…and if you don’t believe me, ask any Jewish... [more]

A Ceremony Is Born

by Rabbi Danielle Stillman

The women who attended my blessing circle couldn’t believe the news when they heard it. I daresay everyone felt like they had a little bit to do with it—I certainly think they did.


You Shall Have Nothing But Joy

by Rabbi Roni Handler

We don’t want Yom Kippur to leave us in a slump, struggling to pick ourselves up.  Instead, we must embrace joy so that we may restore balance in the world, in our community, and within ourselves.


Honest Accounting

by Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.

It is too easy to find fault in others.  How can we be more honest with ourselves so that we can make corrections to our decisions? 


Return to Me

by Rabbi Yael Levy

The One of Infinite Possibilities calls: Return to me and I will return to you. (Zecaria 1:3)


Walking With the King

by Rabbi Lisa Goldstein

What if we could derive a practice from the story of the King in the field—breathe life into it and into our own souls? How can we, in the midst of our busy, self-conscious lives, find the cozy, loving intimacy with God that is hinted at in this tale?


Good Intentions Reap Good Results

by Rabbi Jacob Staub, Ph.D.

Teshuvah is a combination of my work, my practice and my good intentions together with a subliminal, imperceptible, wonderful phenomenon that seems to arrive out of the blue from somewhere else.