One Cent More: Dayenu and Dignity in the Tomato Fields

By Sarah Barasch-Hagans
A few days ago, at their annual spring rally and concert, some tomato pickers from Florida taught me what Dayenu is about. I never expected this to happen because I never suspected I had been... [more]

Ritual Gone Wrong

By Sarah Barasch-Hagans
I am a “planner” and I am an English major obsessed with layers of meaning, symbolism, and subtext. Thus, my wedding, like so many ceremonies, was made up of countless intentional decisions that... [more]

On Being Jewish: What Do I Wear on My Head?

By Erika Davis
A few days ago while wasting a rainy Seattle day indoors, I flipped to E!, one of my guilty pleasure channels. The show Christina Milian Turned Up was on. It is not something I normally watch, but I... [more]

On Being Jewish

By Erika Davis

If you ask any convert to Judaism, they will likely tell you that as daunting as the conversion process can sometimes be, actually being a Jew can be harder that becoming one.


Prayers from the Heart

By Rabbi Roni Handler
Rituals have the power to mark or to move us through transitions. Sometimes they take the form of a long, thoughtfully-planned ceremony, such as a wedding, conversion, or baby naming. Other times,... [more]

Tipped Pendulum #BlackLivesMatter: From Ferguson to NYC

By Erika Davis
Editor’s Note: This week’s blog from guest writer Erika Davis of “Black, Gay, Jewish” may not at first seem to be explicitly about Jewish ritual. However, when Erika interrupted her scheduled series... [more]

Jewish Lifecycles Animated

By G-dcast
Ritualwell is excited to partner with G-dcast on their new Lifecycle Series: a collection of animated shorts and personal stories about milestones in the Jewish tradition. From giving birth, to... [more]

Reinventing My Morning Ritual

By Sarah Barasch-Hagans

I pray this way in the mornings now because I want to feel less afraid; less afraid of the places I have been and less afraid of the path ahead.