For a World in Pandemic

We are a global community
We travel from here to there
Country to country
Sharing the good and the bad

In this time of trial by disease
We are learning…
Learning what smaller populations
Have lived and do live through
Learning what developing nations
Know and have known for too long
We have been arrogant and blind
We have been prideful and weak
We have forgotten the past
We have neglected the future
And now we must atone for our sins
We must pay the price for not caring
Creator of all, we seek your protection
Even as You are showing us the error of our ways
Your methods are harsh
Perhaps because we failed to listen
You have tried to wake us from stupor
Yet we consistently preferred to doze
Now, we are awake
Now, we must listen
Now, we can see the truth
Now, we acknowledge that our lives are in your hands
Treat us mercifully
Bless us with courage
Bring us strength
Be loving in your convictions
You, who creates the day
Who brings about the night
Please bring an end
To this darkest of nights
And return us to the daylight
Of Your way and Your commandments

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