We Remember Idit

We now know Lot’s wife as a woman named Idit, who turns not out of disobedience to God but out of compassion for her daughters, who are following her. The pillar of salt is her tears.

Place a container of salt next to Elijah’s Cup in remembrance of Idit. As you open the door to invite both Elijah and Idit to your family table, lift the container of salt and add these words to sh’foch chamatcha:

We remember Idit—once known only as Lot’s wife—
Who wept at the destruction of her enemies.
This is the salt of her tears.

“Our eyes run with tears,
Our pupils flow with water” (Jeremiah 9:17).

We remember Idit—once known only for her act of disobedience—
Who turned out of compassion for life destroyed.
This is the salt of her tears.

Welcome, Idit, to our seder.
Teach us deeds of lovingkindness.

Hodu la’adonay ki tov, ki l’olam hasdo.
Give thanks to the Eternal who is good, whose lovingkindness
     endures forever.

Yomar na yisrael, ki l’olam hasdo.
Let all Israel say, “God’s lovingkindness endures forever.”

Yomru na yirey adonoy, ki l’olam hasdo.
Let all in awe of God declare, “God’s lovingkindness endures

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