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Vidui: Our Sincere Declaration of Responsibility

person shown from behind sitting at large open window looking out at sea
O the Sacred Depths of Your love…
Layer upon layer, extant and Divine.
We gather together in awe and wonder,
Yet Your judgment is beyond our ken.
Our hearts lay exposed,
Our souls are bared.
We are naked as in Eden,
And we are vulnerable.
We come to confess.
We come to claim responsibility.
We come to plead.
We come because we must…
On this day,
More sacred than any other, 
Standing before you
As did our forebears in ancient days,
We silently, and communally,
Admit our shortcomings and failures:
Sins of Antagonism
And Sins of Belittling
The Sins of Callousness
And Sins of Derision
Sins of Exaggeration
And Sins of Facetiousness 
The Sins of Gloating
And Sins of Hating
Sins of Impertinence 
And Sins of Jealousy 
The Sins of Kindlessness
And Sins of Licentiousness 
Sins of Mediocrity 
And Sins of Neglect
The Sins of Omission
And Sins of Partiality 
Sins of Quarreling
And Sins of Repression
The Sins of Sarcasm
And Sins of Truthlessness
Sins of Undermining
And Sins of Vanity
The Sins of Willfulness
And Sins of eXcess
Sins of Yielding
And Sins of Zealotry
Of all these things we are guilty.
Judge of Judges, who sits on high,
For those sins committed against another, 
Only they can forgive.
For those sins committed against You,
Only You can forgive.
ברוך אתה ה’ הרחמן שמוחל על עבירותינו ורושם אותנו בספר
Barukh atah HaShem, ha’rakhaman ahe'mokhel al aveiroteinu v’rosheim otanu b’sefer
Blessed are You, HaShem, the Compassionate One, who forgives our transgressions and inscribes us into the book.

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Found in: Yom Kippur

Tags: vidui

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