Interpretive Third Paragraph of the Shema

close up on rainbow colored tzitzit (fringes) on someone's waste

And You, who are the Oneness, speaks to me, teaching me to make tzitzit, reminders in the four corners of my garments, 

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual garments, so that when I come across them I will be brought into remembrance of unity and love 

and my place in it all. 

 And to include in these tzitzit a blue thread to remind me of the sky and the ocean and the grandeur of creation and all that exists, 

keeping me open to wonder and awe so I don’t lose my way in the small places of heart and mind, in the distractions of ego and wanting and not enoughness, but stay open and  ware of the holiness infused in all and my place in that.

Remind me with the tzitzit of the teachings and love that I have received as You have drawn me from the narrow, closed places to lead me into the open-hearted places from which to serve. Reminding me that You are truly close and are here to lead and open, inspire me.  

And this is the truth.  

(Adapted from Numbers 15:37–41)

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