The Time of Fullness: Welcoming Ushpizin

group of people decorating a sukkah
Whose breath is upon my skin?
What of this twitch in my eye? This tapping on my heart?
     Invite us in.
    We wish to dwell with you.
    This is the time of fullness
    of moon and heart
    the season of our rejoicing,
    this Sukkot harvest.
I am swirling with the turning colors
Whirling with whispers on the wind
Swaying wildly gentle 
under the shelter of woven greens
I want to live my life in the open
held by this sky and earth
I unwrap my tallit 
Wind my fingers in the fringes
Open to you, honored Ushpizin
Will you sit with me?
Hold my face in your hands?
Lead me into the circle of joy?
Weave our worlds closer?
Yes, let us celebrate
precious vulnerability
astounding abundance
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