The 9th of Av

woman in dark behind window with raindrops
My soul awakens,
Within the minor key.
Rapt notes coaxing,
The Blessed’s
Precision knife’s edge.
Excise all sullied offerings,
Those blinding passions reoccurring,
On Hashem’s bloodless,
Yet not painless,
Then cover my nakedness,
Draped in a garment of consecration,
That I may arise worthy, in concert
With those circumcised of heart,
And on my lips,
In sanctification,
A renewed and Holy song.
Bar’chi nafshi et Adonai
V’chol k’ravai
Et sheim kod’sho.”*

*”My soul praises you, Adonai, [God], and all of my being praises your holy essence.” Psalms.103:1, as translated in Siddur Eit Ratzon, Joseph G. Rosenstein, 2010.

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