Thanksgiving Thursday

Stuffing the bird

Stirring the pot

Sprinkling the salt

Polishing the spoons

Rolling the crust

Spreading the cloth

Greeting the guests

                                                                                                 Scraping the plates

White privilege and mashed potatoes

Have a way of weighing us down.

Bitter words like

indigenous                    genocide                      Thanksgrieving

had slowly replaced the sweet and savory in our November feast

Until one year we took a pilgrimage to Plymouth Rock

to bear witness with the Wampanoag

who had declared it a National Day of Mourning

like Tisha b’Av

They spoke of trespass—not gravy recipes

of atrocity—not football games

Get to know the tribe whose land you are on.

Tear up those silly Pilgrim hats.

Reject the Pilgrim platitudes.

Transcend the cheesy gratitudes.

Redeem the Day.

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