Tekhine for a Woman Experiencing Infertility

By Renee S. Septimus

Ribono shel olam, I stand before You as did Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Chana, women who also came to you in sorrow, their dreams of motherhood as yet unfulfilled, their souls in despair.

Dear merciful God, You carried the people of Israel like an eagle who gently and protectively carries its young on its wings. You created the world out of a womb of water. Hear my prayer and be our partner in the creation of a new life. Guide my husband to provide a strong seed to join with mine. Create a safe, healthy haven within me to hold a child. Grant me the ability and fortitude to carry to full-term so I will be greeted with a cry of joy as your new creation enters this world and so I may sing you a song of gratitude and praise.

Dear God, my eyes are full of tears and my heart aches. Give me the courage and faith to go on and bear whatever pain I must in the pursuit of motherhood. Do not allow my womb to remain empty of life, my breasts empty of milk, my arms empty of child. Grant me and my husband our deepest heart's desire and may we merit sons and daughters to teach your holy Torah, and to be dedicated to chesed and mitzvot.

Dear God, I believe and I trust in You and I come before You, my soul in my hands, and I beg You, my creator, the force which sustains all life, to accept my prayer with mercy, this prayer which comes from the depths of my heart. Amen.