The Significance of the Day

On this day when we cast our vote for those who are to make our laws and to direct their execution, we seek Thy guidance, O God. We know that unless Thou build the house, in vain do its builders toil, and that unless Thou guard the city, in vain do the guards keep watch. Only when our laws conform to Thy law of justice can they ensure our peace; only when our purposes accord with Thy divine will can our own cause prosper. Inspire us on this day and on every day to make the public good our personal concern, expressed not only by our ballot but by our participation in civic and political movements for promoting the general welfare.

This day the destiny of the nation lies in the hands of us, its citizens. Thou hast charged us with responsibility to direct that destiny according to Thy will. May the integrity, justice, and beneficence of our government confirm our faith in Thy divine rule. Be Thou with us on this day of decision. Speak to us with the voice of conscience. Overrule any impulse of ours to place personal, sectional, or partisan gain above the general welfare. Make us wise to discern between true worth and its spacious semblance, and to choose as our leaders only those who will lead us in paths of righteousness to a future of peace, honor, and wellbeing. Curb in those whom we shall elect the lust for selfish domination. Strengthen in them the ambition to serve their people faithfully and well. Banish from their hearts ill will and rancor toward those with whom we disagree, so that, whatever be the result of this election, the morrow will see us a united people cooperating loyally for the good of our country and mankind. AMEN.

From: The Faith of America. Compiled by: Mordecai M. Kaplan, J. Paul Williams, Eugene Kohn. Reconstructionist Press, 1951.


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